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What We Offer

We are a builder, contractor, and company that specializes in the following services:

• Building new affordable, quality value one to three-story houses;
• Designing villages and planning large developments;
• Repairing and renovating old homes;
• Maintaining current homes;
• Planning and designing blueprints;
• Processing government permits and other building requirements;
• Conducting feasibility studies;
•Consulting on green technologies such as solar, water and energy efficiency for sustainable land development, surveying, 
fencing and road development.

We design self-build homes that fit the tropical setting of Bohol through excellent design, functionality and sustainability considerations.

• We have reliable, highly skilled Boholano craftsmen and finishing specialists to do high-quality work in all building disciplines (plumbing, roofing, electrics, painting, masonry, tiling, kitchens, bathrooms, windows, decking, and landscaping);
• We provide clients with exceptional project management that minimizes hassle, risk, costs, and stress associated with building or renovating a house;
• We provide a full suite of available tools and equipment (grinders, jackhammer, cement mixers, scaffolding, and vehicles) to ensure we get the job done safely.