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The Story of Green Designs

Green Designs began after the co-founders purchased what they thought was their dream house that they could just about afford. However, when we moved in, they continued to uncover building flaws that needed repair. As they called in many different contractors (all of whom have different analyses and significantly different pricing options), they began to realize that building support and contractor is full of unqualified persons who do not do quality work.

To fill that gap, they saw an opportunity to support clients with the quality support that didn’t need to cost the earth. Hence was born Green Designs. As we continued to learn, we also learned how badly some house designs are, how they do not fit their sites conditions and they rarely consider how to make the house both functional, but also economic to maintain and run.

We first started renovating houses for our friends and family. We now offer a range of design and build services, but our focus is on getting you the house you want while considering Bohol’s climate, your site and our teams approach work.