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Meet Our Core Team

Ian Donayre

Our lead foreman an excellent workman, who can do any trade, from masonry to electrics, plumbing and fine carpentry. With his technical background in all of the trades that he has gained over the last 15 years, he has more recently turned his attention to being a lead foreman managing building activities. He has worked on hundreds of different jobs across the region, he plans and executes the day to day operations on site – ranging from safety and health of the workers, team management to ensuring supplies of materials are available while troubleshooting blueprints and designs. He works with the team to lead the overall direction of the build and spends most of his time onsite. His English skills are also one of his best assets!

Julito Ongcoy

The grandfather of the team in experience with over 20 years experience – Lito – is very quiet but always smiling and a very efficient high quality mason, carpenter and plumber, who specializes in finishing masonry and carpentry work.

Nelson Sanguenza

An expert carpenter, plumber and tile settler who has over 15 years experience in his trade. His attention to detail and ability to get the job done properly and to an exceedingly high standard is impressive.

Ricardo Valdez

Skilled in masonry, carpentry, Ricardo’s excellence is painting – whether it be wood, finishes, or just finishing a wall or bathroom – Ricardo will get the job done at the standard expected with over 15 years of experience under his belt.


Our favorite electrician subcontractor, electrical engineer, planner – if Mheneng cannot solve an electrical problem then nobody can!

Other Team Members

We also have a large pool of more than 50 other team members and other skill areas such as a logistics team that support purchase, payrolling, materials and supply delivery – they come in to do specific pieces of work , or support the overall work.