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Our Company’s Reputation

Quality homes at the right price, built right every time.

Our Approach

  • We work with our clients through an extensive planning and budgeting process to ensure their new house is just what they envision;
  • We have a large pool (40+) of excellent skilled and reliable Boholano craftsmen with tools and transport to get the construction job done on time;
  • We support a maximum of two clients at any one time to ensure we maintain our high building standards.

Our Expertise

  • We specialize in retirement homes, bungalows, and 2-3 story buildings;
  • We have extensive experience in planning and construction of tourism investments, and the use of green technologies wastewater, rainwater collection, solar heating and solar power;
  • We offer design, blueprint and permit support;
  • We pride ourselves on combining traditional craftsmanship with modern design and building materials.

Our beliefs


  • Our clients deserve a stress-free, on time and on budget building experience;
  • Our staff should be safe, reliable and rewarded for quality home building;
  • With planning and design consistent with Bohol’s climate and our experiences, homeowners enjoy smart living conditions including low maintenance and electricity costs;
  • We are a proudly Boholano born and bred company contributing to the local economy and our employee’s families health and wealth.

What We Offer

Building new affordable, quality value houses

Our Workmanship

well trained and skilled Bohol craftsmen

Self Builds

what can happen to unsupported builds

The Planning Process

Planning With Green Designs

Our Story

The Story of Green Designs

“We really love how people respond to visiting our new house. Outside they talk about how beautiful it is but, when they come inside, they’re impressed with the construction quality; ‘It’s so well built, the angles are perfect and the hand finishing is the best I’ve seen.’ Then they realize how cool the house is WITHOUT air conditioning and we laugh — that’s just another example of how Green Designs used their specialized local knowledge in crafting our house.”

CMH and BL

“We have been very happy with the extensive work done on the renovation of our property over the past 6 months. The team are well managed by Foreman Ian who has always accommodated our requirements whenever technically possible. The quality of work by Carding, Nelson and other workers is of a high standard. All members of the team have been a pleasure to work with and we would have no hesitation in recommending the company for any building work in the future.”

Simon BG

Calape, Bohol